High speed internet in Nevada County


It looks like ATT "Legacy DLS" up to 6mps is going away! This is according to Omsoft a DLS provider. This may or may not be a rumor, but I am told it will end on June 30th. This was never that great internet anyway. If you do not use Zoom, to my understanding the dish internet options are a lot better than they used to be., however with Zoom or VOIP, you will have delays that can make communication frustrating. 

Broadband is definitely a viable option. That is what we have for our RE/MAX Gold office in Grass Valley. We have about 25 Mps and I do not have any issues with it. I am told you may get up to 75 Mps in with ideal circumstances 

In areas that have access to cable tv, you can usually get internet through the cable company as well. 

Broadband providers (I believe they are all pretty similar)
Omsoft: (530)478-9822
Digital Path: (800) 676-7284
Smarter Broadband:  (530) 272-4000 
Colfax net: (530) 346-8411

Fiber optic (The best! 1 Gig)

To my understanding, Race Communications is the only game in town. Currently, they are working on the 95945 and 95949 areas. 
see map: https://www.race.com/coverage/community/grassvalley/

Race Communication:
(877) 722-3833
ace is working on expanding across the county, but this will take time. 

Hot spots:

Omsoft and cell providers also have Hot spot options. Omsoft claims up to 25mps

I hope this is helpful. If you find out anything that could be useful to others, please let me know. 

Disclaimer: I am not an internet expert, and I am not affiliated with any of these companies besides for using their services. Please do your own research. GOOD LUCK!

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