Q    What does the law require?

A    In a nutshell, starting in 2017 the law requires installation of water conserving plumbing fixtures if you own a single-family home, and it is built before 1994 – whether or not it is being sold.

Q    I’m selling my house. Are there any installation requirements under this law?

A     No. There is nothing in this law that requires installation of water-conserving plumbing fixtures as a condition of sale. However, if you haven’t already installed water conserving plumbing fixtures on your pre-1994 single-family house, then you are in violation of the law.

Q I am selling my house. Are there any special disclosures that I must make?

A The law requires you to disclose whether there are any non-compliant plumbing fixtures on the property to a buyer.

Q    What is a non-compliant plumbing fixture?

A    A non-complaint plumbing fixture is any of the


Any toilet manufactured to use more than

1.6 gallons of water per flush,

Any showerhead manufactured to have a flow capacity of more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute,

Any interior faucet that emits more than 2.2

gallons of water per minute,

Any urinal manufactured to use more than one gallon of water per flush.

Q    What do I do if I’m unsure if my plumbing

fixtures are non-compliant?

A    If you are unsure, you should consult with someone who has expertise in the matter like a contractor, plumber or retrofit compliance company.

Q I would like to install water-conserving plumbing fixtures. What can I do?

A You can call an expert such as a contractor or plumber.  Your local home improvement store may also be a resource for experts and should

have available compliant plumbing fixtures. You may also wish to contact your local water service provider to find out if they offer low-cost or no- cost compliant plumbing fixtures.

Q    I own a property in a city where there is an

existing retrofit law for water-conserving

fixtures as a point of sale requirement (such as Los Angeles, San Diego or San Francisco). Are those retrofit laws still in force?

A    If a local law was passed before July of 2009 requiring retrofit of plumbing fixtures, it remains in effect.

Q    Anything else I should know related to this law?

A    Yes. The state law also allows a locality to pass more restrictive requirements at any time and

building codes need to be complied with in addition to the state law.  This is another good reason to consult an expert.

Q    Where can I find more information about

this law?

A Your REALTOR® can provide you with notice and disclosure forms to assist you. Details on the law (California Civil Code §§ 1011.3, 1104.1 and 1101.4)


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